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Nebulizer whose purpose is the disinfection by means of ultrasounds (which kill bacteria and pathogens in the water) and the chemical product “hypochlorous acid” (which kills viruses and bacteria in suspension). By combining the two functions they complement each other to result in adequate disinfection in spaces, materials and surfaces.

It does not use heating so it generates a dry and cold steam.

The ultrasounds in this nebulizer work in reverse, instead of BLOWING for cleaning, they BLOW to make micro bubbles with the chemical.

In the case of fogging to disinfect, the hypochlorous acid concentration is 800ppm. This is due to the fact that in the nebulization process we are able to project the solution into much smaller particles (almost like those of the virus), making it more effective due to its size and covering a surface of approximately 80 mts³ more effectively.

Covid-19 Certification Hypochlorous Acid
Nebuliser STS2000-UN


Hypochlorous acid (chemical formula: HCLO) is a powerful disinfectant and oxidizing antimicrobial that eliminates any pathogens for inert environments and surfaces and is also a strong antiseptic, harmless to humans, animals and plants so it can be handled calmly and can be applied even directly on the skin: it has a neutral acid pH (5.5 – 7) which allows it to work directly without causing any damage.

Hypochlorous acid does not cause eye or skin irritation: even when ingested, it is not harmful (it is the same substance that the human and animal body produces for the elimination of harmful microorganisms). Due to how safe it is, it is considered the ideal disinfectant for food and surfaces in contact with them: this acid has been approved by the US, Canada, Japan, China and 25 other countries as a safe product for the environment.

In fact, International Authorities consider hypochlorous acid as one of the ideal methods to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) includes hypochlorous acid on the N-LIST, which contains the disinfectants defined for use against COVID-19, within which it appears with the registration number EPA 89896-2 from March 13, 2020.
  • Currently certified by the EPA ( Hypochlorous Acid against COVID-19) and the Spanish Technical Cleaning Institute (CE-11787 ECO ITEL) for the elimination of COVID-19.
  • Has been approved by the European Health Commission, the Directorate-General for Consumer Protection, WHO, FAU, ECHA and the FDA (FDA Food Contact). It is 100% innocuous, 80 times more powerful than chemical disinfectants and has a residual effect of more than 48 hours on surfaces, so it not only guarantees Microbiological Disinfection, but also protects for several hours from possible contagion by contact.
  • Progalectric document: Anolyte product references, certified by the Valencian Institute of Microbiology, certified from the Canary Islands Health Service (General Directorate of Public Health), examples of the use of Anolyte in Vietnam and Nigeria

Hypochlorous acid for its BENEFITS is:

Powerful, fast and effective biocide:

  • Eliminates a wide range of pathogens by 99.9%: it is bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal, mycobactericidal and sporicidal.
  • DOES NOT create microbial resistance.

Decontaminant and Disinfectant:

  •  Allows the use of the facilities immediately during or after disinfection.
  • Nebulized in the environment, creates a germ-free environment
  • With the same product, any surface (porous and smooth) can be disinfected.
  • It is NOT corrosive, it is odorless (slight odor), colorless and tasteless.
  • Maintains its activity level in a wide range from -50º to 100º.

NON-toxic, NON-dangerous (harmless to humans, animals and plants):

  • Occupational safety.
  • Disinfection of environments with humans, animals and plants present.
  • Its use and application does NOT require any type of protection or rinsing.

Respectful with the environment (ECO friendly):

  •  100% biodegradable, leaves NO residue.

Presentation of the product

  • Device model: STS2000-UN
  • Nominal voltage: 230V ~ 50/60Hz
  • Nominal power: 48 W
  • Tank capacity: 16 L
  • Maximum spray volume: 600 ml / h
  • Control mode: Smart remote control
  • Timing function: 1-12 hours timing function. Alarm: Liquid shortage alarm, off
  • Appliance size (excluding pipe): 310x310x710 mm
  • Weight: 5.4 kg

High power:
Two sets of high ultrasonic oscillators power
Aerosol particles less than 20 um

Great capacity
Filling capacity of 16 L, for this quantity you can work continuously for 30 hours

Powerful jet
600 ml / h spray volume, can cover 100m / square space


Accessories (for South America)
Transformer 125-220 (100 VA.)


Dosage / Use:

Neutral hypochlorous acid 5.5 at 7 pH at 25% 800ppm.

Action time:

60 mts³ 30 minutes.


  • SURFACES: Furniture, structures, machinery, offices, schools, hairdressers, casinos, hardware stores, movie theaters, shops and commercial premises, etc.
  • HEALTH SERVICES: Hospitals, medical offices, dental clinics, pharmacies, etc.
  • INDUSTRIAL ZONES: Warehouses, factories, etc.
  • RESTORATION: Hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.

Example of application in a Hotel: in the reception area / hall / lobby, offices, meeting rooms and corridors and in spaces where food is handled such as kitchen, restaurant and cafeteria.


Vertical Oscillator

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Vertical Oscillator

Oscillator on Plate

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