Green Technology

Environmentally friendly

The direct impact of industry on nature is basically caused by the occupation of space, the use of natural resources and the generation of waste: waste and pollutants.

At SETECSON, how could it be otherwise, we are sensitive to sustainability and the environment, it is our strong commitment to the present and especially to the future:

Discover the applications of SETECSON cleaning equipment for your sector. Ultrasonic cleaning applications that will help your business to be more efficient and drastically reduce the consumption of water, energy and labour.

The differential value of our equipment is the relationship between performance and low energy consumption, well below the levels of other manufacturers, thanks to the exclusive technology implemented by SETECSON based on high power and multi-frequency.

With this technology, the client achieves great savings in water consumption, detergents, waste recycling, electrical energy and a reduction in labor of around 80%.

Emphasis is placed on the study of environmental impact in all investment projects to minimize risks and negative impact.

We specialize in

Wastewater Treatment Plants

 Air filtration and washing

Gas scrubber

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