We have a range of manipulators for coupling to existing equipment or for new installations, with loads from 30 kg, for the “monorail” model or much higher with the “gantry” model.

Likewise, we can study the automation of its galvanic line, with time and power control of the treatment rectifiers, for each part reference.

Each line is adjusted and configured according to the client’s needs in reference to the cleaning, rinsing and drying required.

Turnkey solutions






Gantry robot 250 kg

Control cabinet

Air robot 1,000 kg

Monorail robot 30 kg

Automatic machine rotary basket

Cutlery cleaning baskets in automatic machine

Electric panel

Automatic closed line for alcohols and solvents with robot and incorporated electrical panel

Automatic fair rotating basket line with loading and unloading on the same site

Automatic rotating basket line

Automatic cutlery cleaning line

Automatic cleaning and polishing line

Automatic cleaning and robot line

Cleaning line with shower covers

Mechanism in movement of rotating baskets in tanks

Assembly of automatic cleaning line with integrated electrical box and mechanical system of entry and exit of baskets

Automatic cleaning line assembly, back with its connections and tanks, and built-in electrical box

Cleaning and drying tanks with pneumatic system

Moving rotating basket system

Pupitre control automatic line

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