Innovation and Development

​Being an innovative and technologically advanced company depends on the investment and adaptation of new processes and technological resources: what makes this concept so important in SETECSON is the constant technological advance and the evolution of the client’s needs, which have had great and successful changes, over the last decades, thanks to these advances.

Regarding our Innovation and Development program, our STRATEGIES are defined in the following points:

  • Development and implementation of technologies that originate from research, in which new products, services and processes are created.
  • Transfer and appropriation of technologies that improve competitive capacity, technological management and innovation of products, services and processes.
  • Support for innovation and technological development initiatives that originate in the different productive sectors.

Thus, innovation, development and implementation of modern technologies in companies have allowed SETECSON to introduce new or improved products, services, processes and methods of marketing and manufacturing.

In conclusion, the concept of innovation and technological development is an axis of high importance for SETECSON, since the continuity and persistence of a company depends on it through the evolution of needs: our advances redound to our clients, advances in the sustainability and competitiveness of these, and the COMMITMENT of SETECSON by and for our clients is adjusted to the needs and possibilities of each one of them.

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