Manual and Automatic Industrial Equipments

SETECSON offers a wide range of modular solutions for the construction of customized cleaning systems according to the requirements of each client.

Each line is adjusted and configured according to customer needs in reference to the required cleaning, rinsing and drying.

Manual and Automatic Industrial Equipments.


Intended for cleaning-degreasing using aqueous and / or solvent-hydrocarbon detergents, activated or not with ultrasound, the process of which will depend on the part to be treated.

The process is defined according to the degree and type of dirt as well as whether the part follows another machining process, electroplating, painting or final finishing.

Washing and degreasing is an increasingly important element in industrial processes for surface treatment. A good washing process and a good surface treatment is an operation that increases the final quality of the product manufactured by our clients.

We offer multiple ultrasonic cleaning solutions for surface treatments, pickling, degreasing, pre-treatments and baths for technical processes, galvanotechnics, nickel-plated, chrome, paint lines, etc.

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Mold cleaning tank

30 kW tank

60 kg static basket

Automatic cutlery with 500 kg robot

Automatic rotary basket

14 kW galvanic line tank

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