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Electroplating is the process in which the surface of a metal or conductor immersed in an electrolyte is covered with a continuous and adherent metallic layer with the use of electric current, obtaining benefits such as increasing resistance to corrosion, increasing hardness superficial and give a better look to the piece.

In the Electroplating sector, the pre-coating cleaning of some parts is a very important step: ULTRASONIC CLEANING prior to the parts coating is a great saving of time and labor, since it eliminates manual cleaning and long immersion times required by traditional cleaning methods.

Quickly and effectively removes polishing pastes, grease and dirt of all kinds from metal parts, reaching all areas of difficult access. This supposes a better adhesion on the surface of an electrolytic coating and, therefore, an improvement of the appearance and of the final quality of the product.

The main advantages of galvanized coatings can be summarized in the following points:

• Exceptional duration.
• High mechanical resistance.
• Integral protection of the pieces (interior and exterior).
• Triple protection: physical barrier, electrochemical protection and self-curing.
• Absence of maintenance.
• Easy to paint.

SETECSON’s experience in galvanizing processes is very qualitative and quantitative: this experience makes us improve performance and results, offering very good quality in the work carried out with this technology.

A conclusion we can affirm: 100% of the Galvanized plants require the Ultrasonic degreasing process in some of the stages, and its implementation, although not 100%, is increasing.

In short, our greatest guarantee is our experience in the world of ultrasound and we have verified that with this technology:

  • The best finishes are achieved on all types of objects and
  • The galvanizing treatment of one piece on another by means of electric current and chemicals requires a previous step of ultrasonic cleaning.

SETECSON offers a wide range of modular solutions for the construction of custom galvanizing systems according to the requirements of each client. Each line is adjusted and configured according to customer needs in reference to the galvanizing process to be developed. Years of experience in this service have also served to gain the trust of the companies that request our teams in different areas.

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